I will periodically take on graduate students, postdocs, and other staff through the Biology Department at the University of New Mexico. When funding is available, students and postdocs are supported by working on an existing project under my direction. Otherwise, applicants must obtain their own funding via, for example, NSF or EPA fellowships, or from natural resources agencies. In some situations, I may hire staff as federal employees through the Rocky Mountain Research Station or the Southwestern Region of the USDA Forest Service.

I encourage interested and qualified applicants to email me their CV and briefly describe their interests. However, before contacting me, prospective students and postdocs should examine the research we conduct and read representative publications. Prospective students and postdocs should have an interest in both applied and basic aspects of conservation biology, landscape ecology, and have a strong quantitative background. In addition to shared research interests, I typically accept graduate students that have a strong academic record and previous field and/or laboratory experience in the field of wildlife ecology.